The longest hospital stay ever

What a harrowing two weeks it has been.

I had already been unwell for nearly two months beginning end August. Started with a bacteria infection where I had fever and vomiting for almost two weeks. Then it was the crazy feet swell where I couldn’t walk and right after I had a chest wall inflammation. Subsequently it was a crazy hacking cough that kept me awake at night for an entire week and I was truly on the brink of going crazy not knowing what was going on with me. I finally went to see my GP Dr Roy Chio on Thursday 10 Oct for my cough and when he took my temperature, he was like “you’re 40 deg! Don’t you feel unwell?” I’m like I feel unwell anyway but the fever only comes at night and I really didn’t feel its effect so much. Maybe I had been sick for too long. So anyway I related my 2 month illness to him and he kept asking what my gynae thought.

The fact is every time I go to the gynae, it’s in the morning or noon. They take my weight, blood pressure and temperature and I am not running a fever so I can’t blame him for not detecting the fevers. As for all the different sickness, he did send me for a veins tests (feet swell) to make sure it’s nothing to do with me my heart, and he was the one who said I had chest wall inflammation not a heart issue when I told him of the deep pain when I lied down and couldn’t breathe. Just that he said my body was undergoing a lot of hormonal changes and although some of my symptoms are unusual, it could be part of pregnancy system. In my case, it seemed that the pains or symptoms were moving around my body. He was also quite certain it wasn’t a thyroid issue though he didn’t send me for a blood test to confirm. Personally I also didn’t really feel it was a thyroid issue since my neck didn’t swell etc.

So anyway, Dr Roy is very certain these aren’t normal pregnancy symptoms and sends me for a series of tests. He also consulted his own wife’s gynae when the results came out and she agreed that these weren’t normal at all. My liver reading was bad, I was anaemic, and I had some kind of bacteria infection. I also had protein in my urine and in fact, my urine test showed that I was starving. I had not been eating well for two months really, just no appetite being so sick and all. Looks very bad. So Dr Roy calls me up on Friday night and discusses these results with me, and by Friday night, my neck & lymph nodes had suddenly swelled up so I thought it might then really be a thyroid issue. He said he will link me up ASAP with Dr Wong Sin Yew who’s a bacteria specialist in Gleneagles and on Monday 14 Oct, kwee rushed me down. I was all prepared to check into the hospital. I was so so desperate to find out what was going on with me cause I just wanted to seek treatment and be well for the rest of my pregnancy.

Dr Wong looked at Dr Roy’s reports and immediately, he sent me for a series of blood & urine tests. He then sent me to Dr Jeremy Chow to check out my heart, which is all clear except that my heart rate is at 145 when normal people are below 100. So that wasn’t normal and was a slight cause for concern. I then went back to Dr Wong and he immediately warded me. The entire of last week was spent running various tests and finally, it came to be known that I did not have a bacteria infection. I have an autoimmune disease called lupus, a lifelong condition. Lupus refers to several forms of a disease of the immune system that affects joints, skin, kidneys and other parts of the body. The immune system is your body’s natural defense against infections,such as bacteria and viruses. In lupus, the
immune system produces antibodies that react with the body’s own tissue. So basically different parts of me are under attack, as it has has been over the last 2 months.

About 10 doctors have seen me thus far to check different organs. So far, all seems to be okay except for my kidneys leaking protein so the kidney doctor is watching me. But since the meds began, my face has been a bit bloated and I have been having headaches as side effects. Most of last week was spent in a daze, I couldn’t register what people were saying and I had to ask kwee to explain. I think that was when Darren visited and was so shocked at my state. That’s where people began to realize how sick I was. He then activated the whole chosen gen tribe to pray for me & I know it is because of these prayers that I am able to slowly recover now and that my tests have been quite ok so far.

It has been a tough week but God is faithful and always takes care of His own.