32 weeks

Tomorrow, I’ll be 32 weeks, the initial projected week of delivery and I am NOT in the delivery suite because my scan results have been quite good though baby is still small. Looking back at how we were first told at 26 weeks that baby might be abnormal & if I can even hit week 30-32, that wld be gd, we stand amazed truly at God’s miracle and grace. The past 6 weeks leading up to today have not been fraught with anxiety but one laden with a peace that can only be from Him. I also feel physically so much better & am emotionally happier as I get to rest, read and catch up with loved ones.

I had my review with Dr Tan EL yesterday and he said we’ll now push to week 34 where baby’s lungs wld be more mature by then & a preterm delivery would be safe for baby. He’s still keen on early delivery as a precautionary measure “in case my SLE or other complications act up”. There are a lot of “ifs” going forward but I’m really not inclined to early delivery if everything else looks gd. Kwee & I are still believing God for an uncomplicated full term delivery and every week now is even more dynamic as we really don’t know when’s my EDD. One thing for sure, we hv a God who’s walking us through, & we just have to keep seeking Him for wisdom.

In the meantime, I’m making Christmas plans with close friends & family and looking forward to good times in faith that I’ll deliver next year (incidentally, Christmas Day is where I hit 34 weeks)!


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