The New Ride

After an entire week of research and thinking through, I finally decided I’ll get the Capella stroller cause even though it’s slightly weighty at 8.2kg, I could still close it with one hand & hold baby in the other. And if baby turns out to be hyper active, at least it won’t tip over. When I told my mum this, she said even though I was small, I managed to leap out of my own stroller and tip my cousin’s stroller (?!), shocking my aunt & everyone else in the store. I guess it is constant proof I’m alive and well haha. The great thing was after I had decided on the stroller, I found out they were having a sale over the weekend so it was really divine. E& H very sweetly came with us and if not for the timely advice and explaining what the various baby contraptions were for, Kwee & I wld hv drowned again in info overload. We also managed to buy the baby cot & gd thing Kwee was there to do the math and rationalization since I was quite besotted with a nautical bedding set tt was totally overpriced.
Baby’s new ride!



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