“Come on, ring those bells!”

A few weeks ago, I decided to book tix to the Ting Tong Belles Crazy Christmas production on a whim cause I haven’t caught a play in really long and the dim sum dollies always crack me up. I also thought it might be some time before I cld go catch a play “just like that”. Kwee does not fully understand the intensity of me wanting to do/eat whatever I want to before baby comes and I know life doesn’t cease or revolve around one tiny person BUT having my mummy friends ard me, I think it is suffice to say you can’t live life as spontaneously at least in the first couple of months and even if you have time to spare, there will be more pressing needs to fill. Like sleep.

Before I left my MIL’s, she asked me if the concert I was going to had loud music and that if it was too loud, and baby was moving a lot, I’d better leave. Thought that was hilarious. She has no idea what our church worship is like, of which baby has been continuously exposed to all these months! I don’t think loud music or sounds are gonna startle any YC/BBTC baby for very long, as evidenced by the BANG babies.

Well, I was really glad we could go and just have a laugh, though at times I had to hold back due to my full bladder & baby moving intensively. I was also pleasantly surprised by the many Christmas carols sung which extolled the name of Jesus. Always thought it ironic how some countries/places/people try to erase Jesus Christ and the real message of Christmas, but still want to “celebrate” it. If you want that holiday, then please respect the reason for the season.

The sister also happened to book tix to the same production last night at the very last minute (maybe secretly hoping I’d give her a lift home) so she captured this funny shot of us comparing bellies. I’m finally overtaking Kwee’s!




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