Of family, friends & feasts

Knowing that I’m about to deliver soon, every moment of the weekend was lapped up joyfully & intensely.

It kick started with the BANG Christmas cum Leslie’s bday celebration & it’s always a joy to be with them. The bonds of friendship that hv run deep over all these years and every gathering is like a family gathering. So grateful for every single one of them and the newest additions in the form of two sweet little girls.



Dinner with my mum’s side of the family. We had a round of thanksgiving and there were so many things to be thankful for. We hardly have a big gathering like that so it was wonderful to just hear how God had been working in their lives & also the struggles in the year. It made me think about how sometimes we can so quickly (mis)judge someone when we don’t even know their journey & I thank God that in His mercy & grace, He always gives us second third & countless chances esp when ppl & institutions don’t.



SOG also got together for our Christmas party at Jo’s place & we had such a great time of feasting (filled with shameless promotions of one’s own “star” dish), sharing, caroling, charades (hilarious actions) & gift snatching. Every year, the stakes increase as we eyeball one another’s gift and strategize which one to grab haha. I really liked mine – a pretty scarf, a great book & pouch!








And finally a reunion with the Goh sisters! So glad for friends you can just be completely real & transparent with. I was eyeing their sashimi churashi sets jealously but it’s okay. I’ll be able to eat all that soon šŸ˜€



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