A unique confinement

I was discharged on Sunday noon and it’s been pretty alright so far with me not feeling any adverse effects of lupus or experiencing any great pain from the c-sect. I shld be able to wean off the painkillers soon as I strengthen everyday. One thing that I didn’t expect was just how painful it was to express bm. First two days were excruciatingly painful and the mothers/nurses/midwives I spoke to all told me “it’s like that BUT persevere”. I was also mindful that premies need bm all the more to aid in their growth & build their immunity so I was also determined to give as much as I could. And really after all I’ve been through, how could I possibly give up at this point?

So I prayed like mad, asked my gfs to pray, read bm articles, drank tons of mil-made fish soup & got the midwives to help me as much as I could handle (pain level maximum). The hubbs also got in on the action and viola! Suddenly, I became a lean mean milking machine. I started to be able to express so much, the nurse had to return me my colostrum to freeze cause Ethan can’t fully feed now. The little one is only taking in 2ml every 4 hours & I was giving them 120ml’s worth for a day. Can’t complain there. God truly always answers prayers!

So my confinement experience is off to a unique start since I’m home, without a baby but still having to wake every couple of hours to express bm. It’s like a rehearsal for what is to come. Great thing is I can try to fully recuperate as much now, heal my wound and sleep while I can. Just keeping my fingers crossed that my mil, mum & aunt will not oversubscribe to confinement myths/theories. Thus far, I’ve had to consume volumes of longan tea instead of water to “prevent water retention” & “replenish blood loss”. I think I’ve even forgotten what water tastes like.

But all these are small things when compared to the immense joy of seeing Ethan each day. I do feel the occasional heart pang when I see him surrounded with tubes and injection/needle marks still evident on his little body cause I know fr my experience how painful it can be. The nurses said he doesn’t like to be touched by them cause they’re always poking or extracting sth from him; he would jerk and struggle. But when Kwee and I were there to stroke and talk to him, he was very calm. I guess our son knows when he’s being touched lovingly.

So far, he’s still breathing normal air on his own and all seems to be ok except his jaundice levels so he’s undergoing phototherapy. He’s also been downgraded fr NICU status to high dependency as nurses said he’s “very fierce & active”. Indeed as I looked at the other premies in NICU, he was the only one consistently moving about, ripping off his visor & doing funny things while the rest remained sedate. Brings to mind all the stories my mum tells me about me as a kid not being able to keep still.

Day 2: My first time seeing our darling. His eyes followed us as we spoke to him as we had been doing since he was in my womb.



Day 3: Ethan determined to yank off his visor


Day 4: Finally, visor secured & Ethan sleeping peacefully



Day 5: Kwee says I sleep like that too, with one leg up hehe.


Today, we also officially registered his birth and looking at his birth cert, it’s beginning to hit home that we are indeed parents!


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