Preemie therapy

Today was the first time I met Ethan’s physiotherapist. Apparently all the preemies have therapists to help them strengthen their muscles accordingly as they gain weight. She saw me stroking him & said I shouldn’t cause his skin is still very soft and he is below 1.5kg. She taught me instead how to contain him and to semi-swaddle him in spite of the tubes on him. That’s as best as I can get to holding him. She also said because he’s a preemie and hv lost all boundaries (unlike in womb), I had to help create that boundary using the cloth so as to give his muscles some resistance. Whoa! Preemie care 101, so glad I got to meet her today! She also showed me how to monitor the readings so I could tell if he was in distress and said “if he’s grimacing, he’s in distress”. Okay that one quite obvious lah, don’t hv to be a mother to know.

So after creating that boundary around him, he really did look very peaceful and secure. I then proceeded with my reading of Mark to him and to share with him all these wonderful things about Jesus His Creator. It is my heart’s desire that he’ll always know how deeply loved he is first and most of all by His Father God and then of course by us his parents and then by the many around him. My enthusiastic aunt was already asking when his month-old party would be and Kwee & I were like … Let’s wait for him to be discharged first!

Day 8


Creating the boundary around him



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