the confinement continues

So my grandma calls my mum and nags at her for not feeding me 5 meals a day and for allowing me to go out (to which I have little choice since I have to go to SGH daily). Everyday, I am tickled with things I have to do/cannot do and food that I have to eat/cannot eat because I am in “confinement”. And if I don’t follow, I will SUFFER for it “for the rest of my life”. Quite honestly, with the volume of pain and suffering I have already been through, all the old wives’ beliefs don’t strike much fear in me.

Okay so here’s a few cute things my mum has tried to get meto do.

1. Bathe in medicinal tea –  This was what we agreed upon after I told her calmly and very certainly that I WILL be showering and washing my hair during confinement. Smelling of pu-er is better than being smelly. Period.  Related to this, the hairdryer is also now my best friend. the sight of damp hair completely freaks my mum and aunt out. “Faster dry your hair or you will get headache!” “You washed your hair? Drink a cup of hot longan tea now!”

2. No washing of dishes or rather, minimise contact with water/stay dry – This is to prevent water from seeping into my body, causing me rheumatism forever. I celebrate the fact that I don’t have to do dishes but not touching water is just not possible. I wash & sterilize all my baby cups and bottles personally and continuously wash my hands when touching baby & before expressing milk.

3. Be covered at all times & eat everything that prevents wind – Think long pants, cardigans, bedroom slippers and the works (i.e. ginger in every dish). Chinese people are terrified of “wind” and will do anything to prevent “wind”.

Aunt-made lunchIMG_7803


Mil-made fish soup – best known for boosting bmIMG_7804

4. Eat mee sua with kidney daily – Okay, I get the kidney part as a form of tonic and to replenish blood loss. But why does it have to be mee sua? What if it was ban mian or kway teow? My mum had no answer either; it was just something my grandma made her do.

5. Eliminate water, just drink longan tea – This is to bring “heat” to my body and to replenish blood loss. I have been drinking so much longan tea, I wonder if my bm tastes of longan.

I think the funniest thing is when I press my mum and aunt for the reasons behind some of these confinement theories, they either cannot explain it logically or they tell me that the “pork/chicken/fish seller told them”. And since the pork/chicken/fish sellers have been selling confinement food for ages, they must be right. Right? Rather than quarrel or be unhappy, I have chosen to be grateful that at least there are people who care about my well-being and who would be willing to cook for me and wash my dishes as I focus on Ethan. I’m also grateful for my mum who has quit her job to help me out in this season of my life. Truly, mums are the greatest.

Day 11 – 5 Jan

This is just a snapshot of his many hilarious poses and signs. Super active baby, many a time his monitor will be beeping cause he was moving about so much. The nurse also told us that he would slide from one end of the cot to the other (even with all the wires on him!?) and they would have to move him back in place. We missed him so much, we went back twice in a day during the weekend. Cutest thing was when papa told him to open his eyes for us and he actually did!

IMG_7798Day 12 – 6 Jan

Today, I got to spend extended time with Ethan, who was awake for the most part that I was with him. Considering it was pretty much a one-sided spoken conversation, I am amazed at how quickly 1.5 hours just passed. It must be love.

IMG_7817 IMG_7823

“Check out my ultraman fingers”IMG_7827


“Let me just worship Jesus”IMG_7839

And this is him right after being sponged haha. Eyes wide open (:IMG_7856



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