so precious

Today, I finally got to carry Ethan. When I arrived at his cot, the nurse was in the midst of feeding him so I got to watch as he learnt how to suck on the pacifier and tube feed at the same time. There were moments he had to pause and the nurse explained that he was trying to catch his breath. Preemies have to learn how to coordinate their breathing and sucking before being able to breastfeed; in some cases, babies actually turn blue cause they forget to breathe when they’re sucking! So I shall patiently wait even as Ethan slowly learns how to suck using the pacifier, and then to the bottle and finally latching on to me. After Ethan was done feeding, the nurse asked if I would like to change his diaper which I gladly obliged. First time ever. It was a most hilarious affair as the little one suddenly peed his fountain of life halfway through changing the diaper and the nurse exclaimed, “aiyo first time! sabo!” hahahah. Too bad I didn’t have the wee wee tee pee that Enwei and Dot got for him.



After getting changed, the nurse asked if I wanted to carry him and I was like “YES!” so she bundled him up carefully, taping down the drips and then handed him over. I thought I might struggle with positioning and holding him properly cause until the BANG babies came along, I had never actually held an infant and much less, a preemie. But it felt so natural and easy to just carry all 1.378kg of him, his little head just fit into the nook of my arm and so there we were in that cradle for the next 1.5hours. It was the sweetest 1.5 hours for me.

IMG_7869 IMG_7862

He fell asleep soon after and it was a very special feeling to see him completely at ease, he only awoke again when I continued with my reading of the book of Mark and appeared very attentive throughout. Jesus casting out demons must have been very exciting for him.IMG_7872 IMG_7875


Can’t wait to see his cute little face again tomorrow! Nurse said she would let me try out kangaroo care then (:


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