I’m in love

Everyday that I’m carrying, talking & playing with my little boy, I can see his personality forming. Specifically, I can see bits of myself in him – his flair for drama, his decisive NOs (when rejecting whatever he doesn’t like, he uses his hand to push away or hit the offender & wld not budge), and I’ve begun to be familiar with his various gestures & expressions, of which there’s a full range to tickle me to no end. I love cuddling him & I look forward to these precious two hours that we spend together everyday. Today, he was so happy and excited to be out of the incubator into my arms that he kept smiling, winking and looking around.

After a while, he stared hard at me like he was observing me. So cute. I still feel like it’s so surreal to have this little person go from inside of me to being in my arms. Only a little more & he’ll hit 1.5kg where he’ll get to be in an open cot instead of incubator. I think he’ll like that very much.

Day 14 – 8 Jan


Day 15 – 9 Jan



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