Pump in style

So a few nights ago, after a particularly hard day of trying to pump more milk, I accidentally spilt a bottle and burst into tears…and I literally couldn’t stop crying over spilt milk. So the hubbs is looking at me, bewildered at the sight of me clutching the bottle, sobbing and lamenting the wastedness of this very precious milk, and wondering how on earth am I gonna make up for this feed. I had already read as much as I could and tried various things fr soups to fluids etc. And then at that moment, I’m reminded that if God can do the impossible & has already seen me this far in this baby journey, how much more will He not help me, esp for sth I’ve no real control over. I activated the prayers of my besties and told myself to just relax and trust Him to provide.

Since then, I’ve been able to pump sufficiently and in a much more relaxed posture, using the blocks of 30mins throughout the day to watch movies & listen to sermons, and the night blocks to pray. I hv consistently always been able to pump a lot more milk when I first get back home after time with Ethan so I know the closeness helps, can’t wait for him to be home! I’m also glad for the SGH docs & nurses who gave me this book, “Empowering Parents of Premature Babies”, cause I had been trying to understand certain things & most baby books cover average babies, average births so not a lot of accurate info easily available for cases like mine or rather, I don’t know what to distill. Now at least I hv some handles.

Day 16 – 11 Jan
Cuddle time & looking hot in pink

First bath since he became drip-free




Day 17 – 12 Jan
Now that he’s drip-free & his fingernails are so long, he keeps scratching himself :// Bringing him mittens tmr




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