Hello little boxer

We celebrate yet another milestone today as Ethan has been “upgraded” out of the incubator into the open cot because he’s finally beyond 1.5kg. Nurses told me that because he had been incubated, they couldn’t really hear the full force of his cries but now that he’s out in the open… Whoa. Hahaha.


Even though I only get to spend a short time with him daily, I hv begun to be familiar with his distinct cries; I know it is him crying even before I approach the row of cots & I hope he too will become familiar & be comforted by the sounds of my & Kwee’s voices.

Because he is now at 1.55kg, the nurse let me practise kangaroo care with him today and it was a very tender sweet hour as he laid skin-to-skin on me. So small, so delicate, so peaceful. He didn’t cry or fidget at all & even when it was time for his feeds, remained v serene and calm. I’m pretty amazed at how God has created the mother’s (& even father’s) body to incubate a preemie. Before NICU technology was this advanced, kangaroo care was the way to help preemies regulate their body temperatures, heart rates etc & now it is used alongside technology to help preemies feel secure & grow. Nothing like the love language of touch & nothing like a parent’s love. It is truly a privilege to be bestowed with this honor of caring for one of God’s own.

Day 18 – 13 Jan
As feared, he indeed scratched himself quite nastily. Poor baby :((


Good thing I brought mittens for him, & coupled with his first ever hospital robe, completely rocked the Mohd Ali look:



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