Brave heart

Day 19 – 14 Jan
They began bottle-feeding for Ethan and he managed about 6ml out of 34ml before his heart rate escalated. The nurse then told me they would be changing his mouth tube to a nose tube so that he would be able to bottle feed more easily. She asked me a few times if I was sure I wanted to watch her insert the tube into his nose cause most babies would cry in pain & parents would be heartbroken taking it all in. But I was quite adamant that I wanted to be there for him, and I told him gently “be strong, my darling, it’s gonna be alright” before she began inserting.



Amazingly, Ethan didn’t cry at all! He just looked a little uncomfortable but no furious tears! I was bursting with pride at his brave little heart & the nurse was astonished at his calmness. Thank God for His grace. Also got to bathe him myself today under the careful supervision of the nurses.

Day 20 – 15 Jan
Ethan is now 1.64kg & gaining weight steadily each day. Today he managed to suck 20ml out of 34ml fr the bottle. Way to go, baby!



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