Sun with Moon

A week ago, I bumped into someone at SGH and she hadn’t seen me for a few months. After exchanging pleasantries, she said “wow you gained weight” and I’m like “Err…I just gave birth 2 weeks ago?!” The funny thing is I’m actually back to my original weight and though they don’t all fit the exact same way, I am back in my old jeans & pants already. I guess she might have been referring to my moony face – a condition caused by the steroids I have been taking for my lupus. Another thing I’ve had to battle is my very bad skin & sensitivity to the sun and I have to admit, everytime I look in the mirror, I feel sad about my current skin condition. The hubbs went to tint the car with protective UV so I won’t look like I got an acid attack after riding in it & that has helped.

While I would really like to regain my pre-pregnancy, pre-lupus clear skin & face, I guess I shld be thankful that this is the main side effect I’ve had to experience thus far. I mean, people around me have died from lupus attacking their vital organs. Even now about 3 weeks after my caesarean, I’ve been feeling pretty good & there has been no crazy lupus activity. For that, I’m most grateful to God who has preserved me.

On another note, the very same week that I met that someone who commented on my weight, I also met friends & relatives who said “You look so good!” “You looked like you were never even pregnant!” It made me think about how much pressure & challenges mothers have to undergo, from trying to figure out yr baby, to healing of yr own body, to struggling with sleep debts, pumping milk AND trying to lose pregnancy weight… Best thing to do is to let go of all the non-essentials, anchor yourself in the joy of The Lord and enjoy the most important thing – your baby!

Day 21 – 16 Jan
Learnt preemie massage therapy fr his physiotherapist today & practiced on him. I’m supposed to do this for him till he hits 40weeks so as to stimulate growth and movement. He looked so cute & relaxed.


Day 22 – 17 Jan
Kangaroo cared Ethan today & he fell asleep shortly after. I think papa would have been a much better incubator though!



Day 23 – 18 Jan
Extremely cranky today. Cried even while I kangaroo cared him. After reading all his cues, concluded he was hungry & quickly signaled to nurse to bring his feeds. Finally, he was pacified.


Day 24 – 19 Jan
Papa’s first time bathing him today. He said he wasn’t too confident but I think he did well. Bath times will be father & son bonding times when Ethan is home




And finally, some love for me from Kwee’s batu grandma. Homemade chicken essence!



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