“How’s Ethan?”

Before birth, both my parents and my in-laws were cool cats – meaning they were happy that Kwee and I were pregnant but did not display any overwhelming excitement. My in-laws told the hubbs to think about our own child care plan and don’t expect help from them, while I had to carefully execute childcare negotiation plans with my mum. In fact, I think the most enthusiastic & excited family member was the sister and she demonstrated this by buying tons of cute clothes, bibs etc. When I was voicing out my concerns about childcare to Ps A, he told me not to worry too much because once the child appears, a dramatic transformation will befall the grandparents (as in his case). They will display such degrees of love and care like you have never seen before.

Guess what? He was absolutely right.

These days, both sets of parents skip the “hello, how are you?” and go straight to “How’s Ethan today?” And if I do not send my Ethan broadcast updates by 5pm, I get messages asking me how is Ethan. The hubbs said his dad has stopped replying him and only replies me now (read: Ethan updates). We also very tickled by their reactions as we look at them look at Ethan’s photos and videos and melt into a gooey puddle of mush before us. I don’t think I have heard my FIL say “sooo cute!!!” so many times as I have in the last one month, and I don’t think I have had a lengthier discussion about anything with my usually reserved MIL as I have now that the little darling is born. My mum too proudly shows Ethan’s photos to everyone from friends to hairdresser, & she loves reveling in her new status as a “young grandmother” (coined by her friends) to which my dad enjoys retorting back, “you’re not young, act only”. But what I find the funniest is how all of them will zoom in on the pics I send them and question me about “that red mark”, “that scratch”, “his dry skin”… even my grandma who purportedly can’t see very well has excellent vision when it comes to scrutinizing Ethan’s pics.

So much love & protectiveness for this little one (:

Day 25 – 20 JanIMG_8151 

Momentarily removed feeding tube to replaced with a new one every Monday. This nurse did it really fast and in my view was a bit rough so Ethan cried in pain. I couldn’t help but tear too and am glad I could kangaroo care him afterwards to calm him down. IMG_8154 IMG_8168Ethan is still at stage 2 now, learning to bottle feed twice a day. If he succeeds, he will be able to move to stage 3 where he’ll have bottle feeds 4 out of 8 feeds a day. Stage 4 is the final stage by which he can be discharged after that, nurse said he might have to stay another half month more so I am going to the business office to see if I can downgrade to C class. Can’t even imagine what the bill must be like now already but the most important thing is for him to grow and be well. Love you, baby.



3 thoughts on ““How’s Ethan?”

  1. HAHA! I actually burst out laughing a few times when I read the first part on the gramps’ and great-grandma’s over-protectiveness. It’s probably also the way you write which makes it all the funnier 😀

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