Tummy time

Day 26 – 21 Jan
Ethan has now been “promoted” to Stage 3 so the nurse asked me to come down at 1pm tmr to bottle feed him. I’ve been told his sucking has been quite good and I’m looking forward to seeing him in action. I also got to do the preemie stimulation therapy for him & unlike my last failed attempt, he enjoyed it very much today. He was moving all the right muscles & I felt more confident massaging him with the physiotherapist’s guidance. Hopefully I’ll get better at this & he’ll be used to my touch. His hands were especially sensitive to being touched, possibly because of all the needles he had to go through. Poor baby. Well, mummy’s touch will surely be far gentler!


Everyday that I’m at the NICU, I learn something. I’m continually amazed at the kind of care that the NICU provides; Ethan is blessed to be born at such a time where preemies have a far higher chance of not just survival but growing well, compared to my parents’ time. Of course these too come at a cost & I thank God I managed to downgrade his ward today to C class. My current bill after subsidy is 7.5k, of which without, would have been 18k!


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