Breast is Best

Just in a span of a few days, Ethan has been further promoted to Stage 4 which is full bottle & breastfeeding. And the most exciting piece of news is that he may be discharged next week if all goes well! Yay!

Yesterday, I came in at noon to kangaroo care him and to ease him into breastfeeding for the first time. Well not like I have any experience either so it was a trial & error for us both as the nurse helped us with various positions. Other than some initial fussing & possible nipple confusion (since he had been bottle feeding), he managed to latch on when I did the football hold. It was quite hilarious when he was crying at first & refused to suck and the nurse kept poking the side of his mouth egging him on, “come on Ethan, you like to suck right? Suck suck!” Overall I thought he did well, able to pace his breathing, didn’t turn blue and he looked milkdrunk-happy when he was done. Prayerfully, he will continue on this track well then we can go home 😀

This also means I can finally wash his bedsheets, prepare the cot and sanitize everything. Woohoo!

Day 27 – 22 Jan
These pics of him bottle-feeding are so funny. I took a video of him and even when the teat had been pulled away fr him, he was still sucking. Clearly on form




Day 28 – 23 Jan
Happy full after breastfeeding for the first time!


I also found out today that small doses of caffeine are given to preemies so that they can wake up to breathe. Err is that why he looks so awake compared to “normal” sleepy babies?!


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