Let’s celebrate!

Yesterday was a double celebration as we celebrated my aunt’s 61st bday & Ethan’s full moon. We had a gd family bonding time and I could finally eat whatever I wanted since my confinement was over! In fact, I celebrated the end of it by having KFC for lunch, which I paid for with two trips to the loo right after. I guess a whole month of eating nourishing food & soups does hv a cleansing effect.



Although it was my aunt’s bday, she also gave us a pressie for Ethan. This cute little anklet:

My mum said all of us kids used to wear this so that the mums could track our movement with the little bell sounds. She said I wore mine till every charm had fallen off except the bell. I told her these days, we have baby monitors, apps, & other high-tech/annoying (squeaky shoes) contraptions to track our babies. Nonetheless, I’ll let Ethan wear it when his ankle is big enough. We also received many other well-wishes & aps fr relatives whom we delivered the full moon packages to.

Red eggs, ang ku kueh, glutinous rice, mochi balls & swiss rolls. Traditional with a twist – our mums were very pleased at the selection.


Day 29 – 24 Jan
Papa kangaroo cared him today so Ethan cld get used to his scent



Day 30 – 25 Jan
My mum, Kwee & I learnt baby CPR today fr the NICU nurse, and also how to help a choking baby. We had hands on practice on the 5kg dummy baby and were evaluated on the spot. Hope we never have to use this knowledge.



Day 31 – 26 Jan
Happy First Month as parents & baby!



Day 32 – 27 Jan
Still trying to find the right position for him to latch immediately. He gets really impatient & once he starts crying, it’s like all out lung power.




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