The first day

On 29 Jan, we went to SGH with much excitement & anticipation to collect our baby. Even though the discharge process took almost 2 hours, it didn’t really matter cause he was finally coming home with us! And we saw what a charmer this little one must have been as nurses came into his room to carry him saying stuff like, “Ethan, you’re finally going home!” “Good boy, Ethan!” “Any issues, just call us back
(at the NICU), we confirm rmb Ethan”. While cradling Ethan waiting at the hospital drop-off for the hubbs, this long-haired lady in tee & shorts dashes out of a van twds me and exclaims, “Ethan, you’re going home!” I was a bit bewildered but then realized she was one of his nurses in her off-duty attire!



We strapped him into the car seat & then headed off to my in-laws who were beside themselves with joy waiting for him. This first car ride is also his first encounter being in the sun & he kept squinting & turning away, so cute. Going thru tunnels were his fave



Upon arrival at the in-laws, it was all cuddle & cooing over him as Kwee & I had lunch hehe …



Then we came home to my mum who kept asking us to inform her earlier about our arrival so she cld open the door to welcome Ethan.


After an entire day of excitement, we tried to put him to sleep in the evening & of course he was overstimulated & could not! Kept looking ard and crying. I had to nurse him every hour til he calmed down & drifted to Zzz



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