Butt cute


Seriously, how cute are these cloth diapers & diaper wet bag? After watching like heaps of diaper videos, I decided to buy a few to test them out. Or rather, to test out my commitment level for diaper laundry as opposed to
using disposables. Now, I just hv to wait for Ethan to grow a little more to fit into the smallest settings.

In other news, we hv had two sleepless nights where E fussed, cried & fed almost hourly fr 7am to 7pm. Possibly going through a growth spurt, and we exhausted my pumped milk supply on top of breastfeeding him. At one point, in a funny moment of reversals, I actually dosed off while breastfeeding & woke to find him smiling at me. Last night and today however, he’s been very calm & sweet, sleeping between feeds. We give thanks for every day with its unique surprises (:

This is right after a night of epic tears & epic poop. I knocked out alongside right after taking this hehe

This morning, following a relatively peaceful night of 2-hourly feedings




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