1 day old

5th Feb was my EDD and so that makes Ethan’s corrected age 1 day old when we went back to see the baby doc yesterday. He’s now 2.225kg and 43cm long, growing well since his discharge a week ago. As the doc was checking on his other developments, he explained that Ethan’s growth will obviously deviate fr the average growth percentiles in the health booklet and they’ll be watching him closely over this one year. He has lots of catching up to do!

Kwee also asked when we shld let Ethan cry it out when he’s going through a fussy period and the doc was like “Ethan is special since he’s a preemie so he’ll need more attention. It’s ok to pamper him.” Considering this cld be my first & last baby, I think I’ll err on the side of showing more rather than withdrawing love.

The rest of the day was spent trying to comfort and assure baby who had to undergo two vaccination jabs. The hospital visit was so long & there wasn’t easily available nursing rooms or seats with more privacy for me to nurse for long. I was as stressed as him. The worst part was his physio session was right after seeing the baby doc so I cldnt nurse him either as he had to be moved about. He was definitely not pleased:


When we finally got home, he just couldn’t latch & would burst into sharp screams in his sleep. So heart wrenching. may our Father take away every trauma, worry & anxiety and grant you a good night sleep, baby boy



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