my little zebra

One of the things I’ve been concerned about is E’s increasing need to feed and him using me as his soother. While it is very sweet that he wants to nurse so often, it’s obviously also v stressful when we hv to go out. We hv only been to my in-laws’ home & out for family meals a few times and there are times where he’s crying his head off despite having been just fed. I know he wants to be nursed cause the minute I do, he becomes calm. This can’t continue however or I would be nursing him forever everywhere we go. SO at the advice of a friend, I’ve decided to try out a feed routine rather than feed every single time he cries (which was like hourly all of ytd!!!). The hubbs and I are experiencing & expecting lots of tears, hopefully we’ll pull through successfully before we start bringing baby E along for all our meetings.

Nonetheless, he still looks v cute even when he’s screaming & crying madly.




As you can tell, I totally dig adorable outfits such as these. Gonna put them on him while I still can hehe!


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