Let’s eat

The motherhood journey continues as we try to ease into a sort of routine. So far, the 2-hourly feeds have been going qt well, save for a couple of epic cries & wails. The great thing is my mum is in on it too and just as determined to stretch him so we don’t cave when he starts crying 30mins before time. I don’t know how SAHM do it but I certainly looked forward to some respite aka date night with the hubbs, as much as I love E. It was nice to have adult conversations and stuff our faces with delicious sushi & sashimi, both of which I abstained fr during pregnancy.


We also finally received the Jesus storybook I ordered and I was surprised to note in the foreword that the author was actually inspired by one of my fave pastor-writer, Dr Timothy Keller. Interesting how we just subconsciously gravitate towards certain things we like only to find a common source of inspiration. Can’t wait to read to E, hopefully he’ll hv a less traumatic experience with books compared to his papa.


In other more mundane news, E has managed to poop out of his huggies & mamy poko diapers, resulting in multiple outfit changes a day. How much more poop can such a little person have?!
Hilarious photo edits by E’s loving aunt:





5 thoughts on “Let’s eat

  1. I kinda figured that the picture was taken at Sushi bar…cos we went there during my 1st trimester and i CANNOT get to eat those delicious salmons!!! I will so definitely go back there after delivery. 🙂

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