Cot dreams

You know how we often say everyone is special/unique…sometimes perhaps without really meaning it or thinking much about it? Well, I am experiencing this uniqueness daily now in the form of E. It amazes me how this individual I have birthed has his own distinct personality, likes and dislikes which we are discovering day by day. I cannot say I am able to identify exactly what each cry means but I think I have sorta nailed at least some of his “preferences” haha.

1. “Show me the world at 7am!”

For the first week, I would try to put him back to sleep at 7.30am after nursing, hoping to steal some zzz time. But he would protest by fussing the whole way until I finally carry him out of the room. Thats when I realised that the 7.30am cries are the bored cries, the “please release me and let me see something else other than bedroom ceiling” cries.

2. “How dare you put me down!”

Once out in the living room, he would stay on his bouncer for probably a maximum of 30 minutes before fussing. This would proceed to a full-on wail if we do not pick him up. Lately, he has also begun to shed actual tears; tears that roll off his cheeks!

His need to be cuddled and carried most of the time had Kwee and I quite stressed out…but after reading baby books and articles with a general consensus that we can’t really spoil a baby under 4 months old, we decided to just carry him. Elsewhere, Kwee read that the more we carried a child, the more secure he would feel and this would result in less tears overall. Hopefully, that’s the case. He was lonely for a month in NICU so maybe he has fears we do not totally know about. The good thing is, he doesn’t cry for hours on end but usually calms down once we carry him. We have also become increasingly proficient with him on one arm and the other doing whatever we want to – eating, drinking, gaming, facebooking, reading, whatsapping…even online shopping.

photo 1 (2)

Anyone need arms training?

3. “Feed me!”

Self-explanatory. This cry is fierce with increasing volume that will not be shushed by anything except milk. Twice, I tried to give him the pacifier to calm him down and he spat it out. He also nearly scared the life out of my mother, his grandma, by choking/coughing while spitting out the pacifier that she tried to offer to him. For a tiny baby, his lung power can wake the dead.

4. “My cot..? Please………..”

We have tried time after time to get him to sleep on his cot but the max he has stayed on it without crying is 45 minutes. He would sleep anywhere else – on the sofa, off our arms, on our bodies, on his bouncer, on our bed, on my mum’s bed… all but his cot! Why why why! We’re trying to get him used to it though so we have begun putting him down for as long as we can now.

photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 5

this sweet little moment of his lasted for approximately 10 mins before he started fussing again. photo 1 photo 2 photo 4


We havent had many visitors but thus far, he’s been quite well-behaved when we do have people over. Hopefully he will be good at his first ever service and his first ever birthday party this weekend 😀

hello Aunty Princess J!

photo 3


5 thoughts on “Cot dreams

  1. havent been able to pop by yet because H was nursing a cold and no way am i gonna let her near E that way :/ she’s getting way better, though, just in time for her birthday bash (: can’t wait to meet E!!!

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