The most common qn we get asked about Ethan is, “how heavy is he?” & then we’d all hazard a guess since we didn’t hv a baby weighing machine & our next check-up is end of March. Yesterday however, my FIL had an ingenious idea. Told me to carry E on the weighing scale then subtract my weight. Why didn’t we think of that?! Following which, we took out my MIL’s cake weighing machine & put E in a basin


He was obviously not pleased hahaha. But hey, he has hit a regular newborn weight of 3kg! Now as I carry him, I try to remember how small he was at birth 1.305kg & then at 1.5kg when I first carried him. Precious memories and a testimony of God’s faithfulness in growing him. Two of his preemie rompers can’t fit anymore too ((:

Each day, he has new expressions & behaviors, always full of action. Some are funny like when he yells “wahhh!”before he starts feeding. At other times, it’s distressing like when he screams in the middle of a feeding (?!) suddenly so we try to burp him & do other stuff to placate him. Yesterday, he started to drool unabashedly. This boy really tickles me to no end when he isn’t crying cranky tears. He also has this habit of stretching in a super intense way till his face turns red. Check out this vid my sister made here

Dance mode

“I’m so tired but I won’t sleep”

“Shld I tell mummy I just pooped again?”

“Daddy’s driving, everyone be focused!”

“I’m 3kg”



2 thoughts on “3kg

  1. Yay! 3kg! Goooo Ethan! I’m not sure how much my Peanut weighs… She was 3040 grams (roughly 3kg) when she was born, but I know she’s lost and gained since then.

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