fever blues

Yesterday we were in SGH for E’s 3 month check and he had to undergo two jabs, one in each thigh. I know it’s a rite of passage for all babies but it still felt a little heartbreaking hearing him cry like that. Just before the jabs, he was smiling at me and I felt so bad thinking he had no clue what was to come. While waiting our turn, there were a few ladies who separately came up to me, astounded by his (small preemie) size and started asking a host of qns and/or dishing out advice I didn’t ask for. It’s not that I don’t welcome advice but it’s a bit annoying to be hearing it from strangers who appear v insistent – “You should let him wear a hat.” “His fingers are cold, he shld wear mittens”. “Don’t wear mittens, it stumps growth & movement.” “Isn’t it hot for him to be in long sleeves long pants?” “My first/second/third child was a preemie too and he……..” But the number 1 qn I get asked all the time is, “Are you breastfeeding fully?” Followed by “good, then he’ll catch up v fast” when I say yes. What if I say no and he’s on formula? Is he doomed?!

When we got home after a long morning with docs and physiotherapists, E seemed okay but then developed a fever at night. We know this is a reaction to the jabs but it was still not good to hear him making these sad pitiful sounds of discomfort. Mama heart ache. He also woke only once throughout the entire night to feed, though his sleep was peppered with groans and short, sudden screams. Poor baby. Get well soon! Jesus heals you





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