When sorry is the hardest word

The other day, I was caught up with things and as a result, completely missed a friend out on a group lunch. I felt horrible when he called to ask and at that moment, it was tempting to lay blame on others and stuff I had been preoccupied with but in the end, I told the truth and sincerely apologised for my muddle-headedness. It felt liberating. Liberating to just say “I am sorry”.
For some reason, I was still thinking about it today and it made me think about the kind of parent I would like to be. I hope that I’ll be humble and honest enough to say sorry to my child in the future in the times I have gone wrong. I think it’s always easier to play the “I’m your parent” card but to swallow your pride and apologise, to admit that parents aren’t always perfect and it’s okay, I think that takes courage. I hope I’ll have that kind of courage when it comes down to that. You have no idea how healing “I’m sorry” can be for a wounded soul.

Ethan is now a little bigger & I’m trying to ease him into the sling so that I can sorta bring him around on my own without a pram. He looks impossibly cute here:






2 thoughts on “When sorry is the hardest word

  1. Love the kangaroo position one! I tried on my Bb after I saw your photo but she wouldn’t bend her knees to sit in my sling

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