Today I went to the eye centre for a check cause my lupus meds hv possible side effects on eyes & my doc wanted to make sure all was well. Completely forgot that my eyes would hv to be dilated and it wld probably have been better for me to come with the hubbs but anyway it was a gd thing that far vision wasn’t too impaired so I could still drive myself home.

During the check, the eye doc & nurse asked the number one qn I get asked the most from those in healthcare, “how on earth did you get diagnosed with lupus?” A literal answer would be that the docs ran tests blah blah but really, the elusive nature of lupus is such that it can take quite awhile before one finally gets diagnosed.

I shared with them briefly my story and the nurse gasped, “when you were pregnant?! I can’t imagine what you must have gone through… Is yr baby ok?” She looked genuinely shaken. All these brings me back to the point of gratitude again that I managed to get diagnosed in time with no permanent damage to myself or baby. There was always that pre-birth concern that the docs had that my 2 week long fever might hv infected Ethan or that his development would be compromised greatly because of my condition but God protected us from it all. The only “bad” thing was that he was born low weight and look at him now, sporting a cute double chin haha. At the end of the check-up, the eye doc gave my eyes an all-clear so I just hv to return in Dec for another check. Truly grateful nothing major.

For those who are battling an illness or going through an especially tough situation, there is always hope. For as long as we live, there is hope and hope keeps us alive. Keep on keeping on.


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