That precious hour

I love my baby and our time together but me-time is just as important to recharge and reflect. I was thinking about how challenging this wld become once my mum moved back to her own home but actually, it has been doable. Everyday now, as the hubbs go for work, he darkens the room curtains to “trick” E into sleeping an extra hour till about 9am. So I get that 1 glorious hour of doing what I want to do without distraction. Breakfast, tea, read, write… anything! It helps me be energized for the day ahead & I think I am more focused during my playtime with E too.

4 days of sleep training has gone by and he is still working those lungs. I m pretty amazed at how he can cry for an hour straight. Once, in a break of silence, I peeked at him fr the side and saw him looking quietly upwards & heave this very aged sigh like he had gone through so much. Quite funny actually. Again I was worried that he wld feel upset & abandoned though I kept going in to assure him but when his cot/nap time was over, I made sure to really engage him & cuddle him. I feel like he is already alot calmer, more focused & happier during his designated awake times even though he fights his nap times. This unexpected reward gives me the drive to persevere. This is for everyone’s good!

This is the little backstroke swimmer kicking his way fr one end of the cot to the other in angry nap protest:


Also, find the baby!



E sleeps on his tummy and has a knack for kicking his comforter over himself, cave-style. Evidence of his continued kicking/swimming activities since he was in my womb haha.

And finally, just because. Those pants!!!




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