Mamas’ Day – the first

I woke up the usual 8am & was enjoying my little brekkie and journalling time in the living room when our bedroom door threw open and the hubbs walked out sleepy-eyed, clutching a crying Ethan. I smiled serenely, not budging and back into the room they went. Happy Mothers’ Day indeed!

It has only been 4.5 months but I am loving this beautiful privilege of mothering & this blessed experience of nursing. To have such closeness is very sweet and though I hope he sleeps through the night soon, I know I will also miss the quiet moments we share in the wee hours of the morning. I guess I am blessed with quite a pleasant breastfeeding experience thus far except for bouts of engorgement.

Since my dad is still in hospital recovering fr his knee op & my sis is away for a work trip, we decided to take my mum out for her fave cuisine – Korean. She happily carried E in her arms as we stuffed our faces; always gd to hv granny around. And she was absolutely thrilled with the Ethan-themed memorabilia I made her.






With the ink pad Esther passed to me, I started Ethan on his first MD card to me. Never too young to show appreciation hehe!


While I love him in this baby stage, Im also looking fwd to seeing the kind of personality he will hv as he grows. Love you, darling boy. Because of you, Im a mama ♡


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