grow, grow, grow!

On Monday, Ethan downed 120ml of milk at his evening feed, twice his usual and still looked wanting after that. This means it is also time to retire his preemie 60ml bottles. My baby is growing!

Nap training is entering week 2 and to my pleasant surprise, he is getting better. He still cant sleep deeply and has a cry-sleep-cry-sleep cycle but at least he isnt bawling for an hour & I dont feel like a terrible mum. We had a bbq party on Monday & one of the guests happened to study child psychology so of course, I plied her with my qns, concerns & asked her to review my sleep training method. She assured me I was pretty much on the right track & also shared with me how her 2yo nephew who has NOT been trained is terribly spoilt.. needs to be carried & rocked for at least 30mins daily before he can sleep & everything has to be about him (ie. Adults cant hv conversations with each other if he is there, they all hv to hv eye contact with him). Tamper tantrums in the supermarket etc. Everyone lets him get his way cause he too was born a preemie. I told her I had similar emotional struggles & reasons for being uncertain about training. Like.. are we being too harsh? I think God knew I needed this assurance & sent it in an unexpected way, through this guest whom I had just met for the first time!

I dont know how the hubbs & I will manage our first public temper tantrum but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes. The most important thing I hv been learning in our parenting class is that we must always be calm & never discipline out of anger. Another parent also reminded me that our children are spirit beings so even if they dont understand what you are saying at this pt, there is something inside that can connect with you so talk to them, explain to them. We try to do this as often as we rmb and I really do think E understands in his baby way, like when we tell him to be good cause we are going out with the gramps or to church etc… so far, he’s been v manageable.

Another tip I picked up fr the parenting book was about making your own toy mobiles. I have been quite reluctant to spend money on toys cause of my tendency to clutter & my impending house-moving plus babies seem to outgrow everything so fast. So I thought I wld put together my own origami mobile instead. Cheap, recyclable and I actually like origami. But in the meantime, I decided to reuse my Christmas decor & E was fascinated.




2 thoughts on “grow, grow, grow!

  1. 120 mL! Baba is at 150 and I can’t keep up…

    My mom just used to walk away from me during meltdowns. Granted, I only had two public ones, but after the second “abandonment” I never threw myself down on the ground in the supermarket again. 😀

  2. Love how E is so calmly appreciating your baby mobile (: Very soon he’ll be batting it, and then yanking it, and then eating it hahaha

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