Melaka boleh

After camp, SOG decided to take an extended break in Melaka just to relax and bond, and we thought it was also a good mid-way break to Singapore on the way back. We stayed in this real budget apartment called Mahkota “Hotel” which felt like it hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned in ages. My sheets were stained and the drains surrounding the place reeked of sewage. Good thing we brought our own playpen for E to sleep in so he settled in quite nicely.




Nonetheless, when holidaying in Malaysia, it is ALWAYS the company and then the food and sometimes the shopping that matters. I actually head to Melaka every Jan for the Pastors’ Summit but didn’t go this year since I was on maternity leave so I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to buy my handmade noodles or shoes but I made it afterall!

Also scored a cute h&m overalls for E for only RM29!

We had a good family & cell bonding time and lots to eat and drink. The excruciating heat plus baby in tow meant multiple root beer floats above all else & I probably ODed a little (or maybe cause I hv been on a fairly healthy low junk diet since baby?) cause I developed a slight cough when I got back to SG ://



E was quite easy to handle overall & was quite a champ even during his usual fussy evening periods. Being the only baby on the trip also meant lots of love fr everyone & it was nice for everyone to look out for us. Only thing that bugged me was ppl who were sick or had dirty hands who kept touching him despite me risking offence to tell not to…& the worst when they insisted they were not sick while displaying visible mucus & audible phlegm. Poor E developed a rash and swollen eye by the last day, which was not helped by the sweltering heat too. Im usually qt easy-going but when it comes to E, Im just extra protective & careful. Thank God he is completely fine now!

While I would ever only choose to go to Msia out of necessity for family or work, it was still a gd break. Main thing young parents hv to contend with are the lack of proper crossings/traffic lights (not stroller friendly) & designated place to nurse or change
a diaper. I wasnt expecting nursing rooms but at least a diaper station wld be helpful. Are msian babies all toilet trained? We practically had to boot ppl off long public chairs to change E or lay him bare on fast food tables. And who really wants to look at a poopy diaper while munching on a coney dog?

I think we are ready for a holiday in a developed country next!


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