Full steam ahead

Its been a full work week with my schedule already packed ahead of time and its like old times again except that I hv to be very militant about dividing my time and setting my boundaries now. In fact, on one of the days, I barely even had time to look at my phone or demand photos of E fr my mum during the day. I miss E no less and Im happy that he’s at least happy and gainfully occupied at my parents’ place with books, toys, food and therapy sessions.




My mum is one dedicated grandma (GM) and his daily schedule is like some homeschool program. I guess the most surprising factor in this grandparenting equation is actually my dad aka the GF. He’s sooo overprotective when it comes to E playing with toys, it’s boring.


Every toy that isnt a soft toy has been deemed “dangerous”, “too hard” & when E is on the mattress above, my dad is anxiously trying to cushion the sides with more cushions so that “he wont hit himself”. What a yawn!

Dietwise, E has been taking to cereals and some fruits like peach & pear pretty well except the banana. Seems to be something his body isnt able to digest at this point which is a pity cause bananas are so easy to feed!

In other news, he’s getting to be very cute & smiley and it’s a joy just to soak in his joy. Family time is so precious.



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