road test

We finally decided to get a new car seat cause E was sort of outgrowing his current one and it wouldnt be too long before he was facing front. What I wasnt prepared for was how expensive the seats were!

Most of the ppl shopping there were currently pregnant and didnt have a baby in tow whereas we did so we happily plonked him into a couple of models to try it out. Funnily enough, in some of the cheaper (less comfy?) models, he basically showed us this face:


And then when we put him onto a more expensive model, he didnt struggle but looked quite like the boss:


Clearly, my baby has a golden ass. And of course the hubbs was sold on the  comfort and ergonomic factor so after trying out other cheaper models, we decided to go back to the original one E tested.

This is him looking happy & supped up in his new tank of a ride:



And completely relaxed & asleep as we journeyed home:


I guess rides back to Batu Pahat next year shld be alot more comfortable for him next year (:


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