Munch munch

Since that scary puke night, E has been on one HA formula feed a day with success. I.e. no puking or other allergic reactions so I am relieved and happy.


Everytime I hear him burp or make a sort of choking sound now, Im paranoid that he’s gonna retch but thus far, he’s been good. Gonna try out a combination of bm & fm so that I can eventually phase out pumping at work, which will cause me less stress and engorgement. It’s been a great almost 8 months of exclusive bf-ing and for the times I have agonized over maintaining my flow, the hubbs has always reminded me that my whole pregnancy journey has been nothing short of dramatic & to hv successfully bf till this pt is certainly no easy feat so stop beating myself up over it.

There are afterall far more pressing issues in the world.

E is a really happy baby and its always so cute when he jumps and raises his hands towards us at the end of a work day when we pick him up.



He’s also biting everything furiously now though still no sign of teeth.



Did I also mention that he’s starting to crawl? Very determined little one, always reaching and lurching forward these days.



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