Through the night

On 10 Sept, Ethan started spontaneously sleeping through the night. After 8.5 mths, it just happened.


We had been doing a dream feed at 11pm since I had gone back to work but he would mostly still wake up at 3am for a feed. My pedi kept saying we were in a blessed state already as many babies hv problems with sleep in general but I guess I really just wanted to experience again what it was like to sleep through the night!


Then just like that, it happened. And it has been so for the past 1.5 weeks. I kept expecting it to be a fluke the first 2-3 days he slept through & in fact, the hubbs and I had already earlier ceased praying for him to sleep through the night in our bedtime prayer with him when it happened. Oh us of little faith!


With this momentuous baby milestone also came my momentuous decision to stop nursing in the same week, esp in view of my upcoming work trip (i.e separation fr baby & waning desire to pump). It has been a wonderful and beautiful breastfeeding journey and I am deeply blessed that he’s always been able to latch & nurse without issue. I hv experienced none of my fears of cracked nipples, infections & the works & my biggest bane was engorgement, but nothing that our mother & son duo could not solve once together. I have enjoyed the bond, sweetness & intimacy we hv shared and I am looking forward to his next stage of growth… plus churning out delicious congees for him.

This is a hilarious shot of him positively stoning during dinner after refusing nap for 6 hours. Check out side drool due to waning strength to munch on food


I peel off his “raincoat” bib and go to the loo to wash it. Upon returning…


Completely passed out!

Babies are the funniest creatures ever.


2 thoughts on “Through the night

  1. Wow! Good on you dear friend, for blessing E with all that nutrition for the past 9 months (: enjoy, once again, the liberation and more you-time!

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