dim sum buddy

Brought E out for dim sum with the girls the other day & he started making these incredibly cute “pls give me food” faces


I shared my egg tart with him which he loved but quite quickly after, a mild rash started appearing. Yup. Ethan has food sensitivities so no one can feed him “illegal/banned” substances without me knowing. I was joking with the hubbs tt if E ever lied to me about eating something he shouldnt have, it would be literally written all over his face.

For the most part, E is still on a no added salt/sugar diet but I let him taste a tiny bit of whatever Im eating as long as its not too OTT. So far, he’s tried jam, green tea ice-cream, ctk (chinese carrot cake), chocolate, mooncake… my parenting philosophy is so that he would be exposed to a wide range of flavours & hopefully not be a picky eater. However, a colleague said in letting his kid try a bit of everything, she became v picky with her food. Oh well. Who knows? I think it could go both ways. Im sold to the French parenting technique of even giving their 9-month-olds strong tasting foods like cheese!

Over the weekend, he also attended his first wedding dinner and thank God, was fuss-free. It was too exciting to sleep so he was pretty much awake & spent the night in different arms.





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