The Arc

After 3 years, we finally received the keys to our very own place. After living in my mil-owned Sengkang flat for this long, I had gotten qt comfy and lazy in the sense that I hadnt thought much about home decor. Plus with baby in tow, keeping up with the day to day remains the priority.

Nonetheless it was an exciting time as we stepped into the premises of The Arc to this welcoming pool and I immediately looked out for the baby pool to bring E. The clubhouse faces the pool so it will be a nice place to hold small parties. We are hoping to move in by E’s first birthday on 26 Dec & hold his first party there!


We then walked over to our block & excitedly went up to our floor.



Our bedroom which is arc-ed. Loving the floor to ceiling windows.



Our living room which turned out to be smaller than expected for me. I had always dreamed of having my L-shaped sofa but it looked like it might not be possible anymore if I wanted to mk good use of the space.


Since then, we hv been back a few times to check out the place for defects, show it to our family and dream about our space as we speak to our IDs. This is E literally testing waters hehe.



We are currently deciding between 2 IDs and neither has been particularly spectacular. But then when I pour thru local ID sites & mags, I also remain unimpressed & uninspired. The hubbs said at best, we are really paying for a coordinator and for a 3D drawing tt hopefully matches our look perfectly.

After talking to the 2 IDs a few times, I finally went back on Pininterest & started scouring intensively for ideas till I hit gold, so at least now I have some idea as to how I want my place to look. We have also been window shopping for furniture & today, made an unexpected purchase of a sofa. After talking through my needs, the sofa man recommended a non L-shaped sofa that wld be compact yet cosy for my small living room, cld be reclined for my reading needs and as a bonus, cld be customised in the colour I want — plus a 5 year warranty. We were sold. Im now dreaming of my reading days ahead (:

Kwee & I are going to decide which ID we will go with by Wed & then hopefully we will be able to get started on reno works before month end!


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