Im totally obsessed with these beautifully illustrated children’s books.. esp ones by Oliver Jeffers.


His stories are so sweet & poignant, I read them over & over without getting bored. I know Ethan is not at the reading stage yet and pretty much chews up his books but sometimes, he allows me to sit him on my lap for a grand total of 1 story before he is off exploring somewhere. I look forward to being able to share a story or two “properly” with him next time, perhaps snuggled in a reading nook in his room. For now, the books are really more for me.

Mostly, he’s like this:






Hardly sits, always on his feet. Now that he has figured out not to let both hands go while standing, he hasnt tumbled so much and if he does, he gets over it in a short burst of cries. Then he’s standing back up watching me go about the house.

We found a way to keep him trapped seated for a short while.. a huge sunken-in beanbag hehe.




This lil guy endears me everyday ((:


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