Recently, a mentee asked me for my take on punctuality and addressing it with habitual latecomers. As I shared with her, I realised that there are really very few things that irk me as much as habitual lateness. Because of my upbringing and early mentors in my life, it had been ingrained into me the importance of being on time. If you respect other people, you will respect their time and not make them wait. And if you aim to be punctual, you are already late.

Thats not to say I have never been late in my life but its certainly not a habit and I am rarely more than 10-15 mins late unless something unforeseen crops up. I buffer time in between my meetings and always inform in advance if I know I’m gonna be late. Even with baby in tow, and even when baby was waking in the night to feed, I make every effort to be on time. So I find it quite annoying when ppl make me wait for 15, 30 mins, even an hour… and especially if its habitual.

I hv learnt to express how I feel towards habitual latecomers but over time, I hv also streamlined my schedule and priorities only to accomodate people who value me as much as I value them. With my nights & off days being so precious, I much rather be with Ethan than sitting ard waiting for ppl.

As I was reading E a story that centered around teaching good manners, I realised one of it was about not being late. Hehe. Never too young to start inculcating this good habit!



2 thoughts on “Manners

  1. Hehe, this reminds me of waiting for up to an hour for you guys when we were going out for dinner when we were in Vic house. 😛 Man that drove me nuts. But then you did make up for it by introducing me to Asian cuisines. 😉

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