Regina & I decided to catch up since its been almost a year since we met when she visited me at sgh. It was finally time to introduce my warrior baby to her little princess Aly who had just turned one!



It was super cute to see them both baby-chatting and gnawing on whatever they got their hands on, fr chairs to sugar packets. Teething woes clearly wasnt a dampener as they both exuded 100% energy levels. We wanted to bring them to the playground but it was pouring so indoors it was.

This is us mums optimistic that we will get to eat with both hands at a leisurely pace with our babies serenely playing beside us.



Didnt happen hahahaha. But I had it easier cause I decided to order the “scoopable with one hand” risotto! The food was great actually, better than their breakfast fr what I remembered. It being a weekday, it was quiet and chill – perfect for mums and babes without onlooking judgmental glares. 

It’s been 9 years since we roomed together on exchange in NZ and we hv moved two life stations fr marriage to motherhood. As we shared about our babes and how we see ourselves in them, it’s incredible to see how we hv grown since and the journey we have been on. Looking forward to many years of friendship ahead!


Edit: and in typical sweet regi style, she had gotten an early bday gift for Ethan! So blessed is he.


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