BBTC is 28!

The church I grew up in turned 28 on Sunday and I was happy & proud to be part of the festivities.


It was also Ethan’s first celebration and he donned his tiny bbtc tee in anticipation.



The hubbs took care of E in the chapel while I was at the sanctuary for a talkshow segment. Here is E munching on bread that his little friend H gave to him. Communion perhaps?


I was part of a group of panellists and we were supposed to share our BBTC experiences. I wanted to be as personal as possible, and to again testify of God’s goodness to our family as well as the awesome support fr BBTCians.

Heres an excerpt:
1) Share your most memorable experience as part of BBTC.
I hv many memorable experiences & many of my childhood friends were made here in bbtc. One memorable experience was my very first youth camp at Pri 6 where Joy was my leader. I remember her giving us tips on how to handle our psle and she said that when we look back, we will realise that psle wasnt that bad. Fast forward 18 years and she’s giving me motherhood tips now!

 2) Share a BBTC core value that resonates with you (how u live out this value)
A&C, P&C – typically as a leader and pastor, we ask our members to be accountable about their lives and in turn we provide prayer covering. I personally experienced the fullness of the bodylife praying & coming alongside my family and I when I was diagnosed with lupus during my pregnancy. Beyond my tribe, the rest of the church just rallied in prayer and supported us in so many ways that we knew we were completely covered. Every day in our hop, we also cover the various prayer needs of bbtcians & we have seen how God moves when His ppl pray. This is one core value I greatly resonate with.

3) What does it mean to “Share Christ” for you in living out the BBTC mission?
In this season of my life as a new mom,
 Im mindful that my son is constantly watching us and he will catch the way in which we live Christ out. Our daily prayer with him is that he will know God for himself.
Faith at home begins with my husband and I, &,we are thankful that the church has come alongside to support us in this journey. I was telling some pastors that we really need some prep even before we become parents and they kickstarted a preparenting course last year on top of existing parenting workshops.

Following the service, SOGA helped in the book selling and we all had a great time eating & serving together. It was too exciting for E to nap or eat; he just soaked in all the revelry.






Blessed 28th Anniversary, BBTC! Thank you for being such a big part of my journey (:


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