The Perth Surprise!

In June, we booked our air tix to Perth with the grand plan of surprising one of my besties, Cherie for her 30th bday. After months of liaising in secrecy with Jenn and Tim, Cherie’s hubby, it was finally 11th Nov! Kwee & I were nervously excited about flying with E for the first time but we looked forward to family time and the prospect of doing nothing in Perth but eat, drink, slack.

All ready to go!


Excited at the airport before departure



We picked the 9.30am flight cause that felt to us the most in sync with our regular routine & also with a morning flight, if E didnt end up sleeping or worse, was crying, it wldnt be as bad as a night flight since ppl wldnt be expecting to sleep anyway. Our arrival time of 2.30pm in Perth would also give us time to prep for Cherie’s surprise.

Upon boarding, the stewardness immediately handed us a puppet for E. Armed with a new distraction plus snacks to munch on, we were set!


In the end, E was an angel all the way there. Very minimal fuss even though he only napped sporadically. We were so happy and relieved that we didnt have to deal with any baby drama.


Upon touchdown, Jenn came to pick us up and we staked out at Cherie’s house to surprise her. After thinking of all kimds of ways, we decided to let E just nonchalently crawl ard the living room as Cherie walked in.




And so that epic moment of surprise! I thought I was recording but I had failed to in my excitement ://



The day before, Jenn had flown in to surprise Cherie on her own and we hoped C wld hv thought that was it. Well secretly, she had already suspected something was up cause her hubs was acting strange in the time leading up to it so she thought someone might have been coming over.

However she thought the logistics for me to come with Ethan wld be too great & if I didnt come, Jenn wldnt either since we were a “package”. She then thought maybe her mum was coming instead! (These were all accounted to us by the bday girl after the surprise).

In any case, still a happy reunion and Cherie plus Tim finally got to meet Ethan (:


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