In the past months and esp weeks as my house reno has been ongoing, I hv been doing major purging. I cleared out at least a third of my wardrobe and then moved on to shoes, bags, books, household stuff. It has been greatly therapeutic and challenging at the same time since I hv to manage baby and dust altogether but the best time to purge is still in the day so mostly I put him in the cot as he watches me fling stuff out into three bags – RECYCLE, DONATE, THRASH. Its amazing just how much I hv cluttered over these 3 years living in SK so I was more conscious not to add to the clutter once Ethan came along. One of my great fears was my entire house looking like a zoo/playground/kiddy palace that got bombed. In spite of my best efforts, a little clutter still found its way so now Im just waiting for my restart button in the form of a new home.



Hiring an ID has been at best paying for a coordinator. 99% of the ideas are ours and even sourcing for cheaper contacts has fallen onto us at times. Only gd thing is I just hv one person to chase for whatever info I want.

It is safe to say that the theme for our home is “whatever we like” cause we really just bought or custom-made pieces that we liked. I hope everything comes together nicely and that the electic-ness of it all falls in place.

E’s room is gonna be nautical-themed and Cherie, who knew what I had planned, surprised us with a nautical alphabet bunting that spelt his name! She handmade every single flag with such precision and then sent it to us!!! How can anyone be so talented and thoughtful!







What an awesome first bday/housewarming gift! In keeping with his belated “first mth” celebration that was done at 4 months old, we will be celebrating E’s first bday with our friends next year after we move in. Belated again but no less blessed (:


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