The Big Move

After 3.5 years, we finally have our very own home! I got down to packing right after the whole string of Christmas parties and was frankly quite disgusted at how much clutter I had. HOW.COULD

It was a horrible feeling having to discard perfectly usable things which I didnt use and didnt know where to donate to, and at the same time, it all felt very carthartic to just clear hoardes of stuff. I was feeling conflicted all week. Good thing I had alr been clearing lots of stuff before my actual packing began so it wasnt as bad as it could be. At one point, I actually wanted to puke fr all the taping, packing and boxing and the night before the move, I felt like I just cldnt do anymore packing. So we pretty much moved with 90% of our stuff (46 boxes) with my remaining 10% still in sk, which Ill return to retrieve.

On the day of the move 3 Jan, the movers appeared promptly at 11am and swiftly loaded up our boxes. They were slim and lean and made it look so effortless.





3 years of my life in boxes and off to our new place!

The greatest challenge wasnt the unpacking per se but the fact tt our master bedroom flooring wasnt ready so that hindered our “flow” cause there were like 14 boxes destined for the study room, which was in our bedroom. Nonetheless, we quickly got to work cleaning again the insides of our kitchen cabinets and started to unpack all our stuff. We cld finally see the floor after 1.5 days of unpacking.


We were pretty exhausted and grateful for A&A’s neighbourly kindness in the form of food & drinks and even cash when I forgot to withdraw money to pay my cleaners during the last 2 days.


Our families popped by to see our (mess of a) place and my mil commented that I wld take a mth to unpack and clean and I was like “no way!” My deadline was 2 days as I wanted to bring Ethan home asap. Had left him at my parents’ place during the move so tt he wont be affected by the dust. As you can imagine, we were working overtime to spruce the place into a crawlable condition & my sis also came over to help.

Finally on Mon night 5 Jan, we brought Ethan home to our new place and he took to it all v well! I also put up the nautical bunting that spelt his name, a perfect touch.



We were a bit nervous about putting him in his own room alone without us for the first time and were praying that he would sleep through v well. And indeed by God’s grace, he did without fuss! Even with no curtains & light streaming into the room the next day, he slept till 9.15am! Wow.


We too had a good rest & look fwd to many more days of enjoying our home.



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