Last Christmas, a couple of us from church did an outreach at Tamar Village. It is a ministry that reaches out to streetwalkers and seeks to empower and equip them to finally get off the streets. I had no previous affliation with them prior to this but my heart was very drawn to them at the outreach and I kept thinking how we are all women at the end and I could have very well been in that position too. The only difference is that I was born in a good family and I know God. I felt the magnitude of God’s love for them and how each of them are so beautiful.

Subsequently, I went back to chat with the centre heads and gleaned ideas on how I & others interested could contribute. One of the small ways was supporting them by buying their bakes and sewn products. Tamar encourages the girls to learn various skills and dream big; the ability to support oneself modestly and even start a business next time. This being cny season, they sold pineapple tarts & it was in the style I liked! Yummy.


Getting to hear some of their personal stories really touched me and they all had one desire – to start life afresh. There was one lady who was pregnant with her 5th and had 4 kids with her living on the streets when Tamar reached out to her, and today even as she is receiving help, her kids too are finally being schooled and cared for. One of them even won a bursary award! It takes alot of courage and discipline to want change and do sth about it and I respect them as well as the volunteers who energetically commit their time and resources.

I feel that this is the year the God wants me to step out of my comfort zone to reach out to those not in my immediate radar and Im glad that I can be a tiny part of this effort.


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