Love you forever

Everytime I go to a children’s bookstore or browse kids’ books online, I am swept up by all the possibilities and wonder a little story can hold. I would look at some books and think to myself that these would be the kinds of stuff I would have LOVED read to me. I know they are way above E at this moment so I admit Im reading it more for myself but I think its more impt to keep the reader (me) interested since the “listener” (E) has an attention span of about 5 pages.

Lately though he has been doing this cute thing of crawling into my lap and willing self to be read to for awhile before crawling off again. I learnt a tip that to keep yr child’s interest in books, dont force them to read or force them to be still while reading. Start your reading and let yr child wander off but keep reading. If he’s keen he will return and it will be because he wants to. Then he might be more engaged with whats going on.

Some of my faves are Oliver Jeffers and this one called Love You Forever about a mother and her son; how she loves him and holds him in her arms through the different ages even when he’s an adult until she got too old. Then he holds her in his arms and goes home to rock his own daughter with the same lullaby his mum always sang to him. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it and though Im not a music person, I always sing the lullaby in the book to E with all my heart whenever I read this story. Maybe one day he will understand the depth and breadth of our love for him.


The latest addition is this one about people ard the world & how they shake hands, say hello differently. I think it will be gd to use this as a springboard for our next holiday 😀



In other news, he just joined BSF for infants/toddlers! I hv no clue how they engage these young tots for 1.5-2hrs but lots of love and song are involved. My aunt goes to the adult class and is his guardian for this and she said he cried for a few minutes when he first got dropped off but after that he was fine. So proud of him.



His homework involves us singing this week’s song to him so I hv been using his xylephone to jam with him. Teehee



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