Ang pow season dawns

Today as I sat on a bench in church, Aunty L came up and sat beside me and started asking me about Ethan and how old he is now. We had a short exchange about him and I showed her his photo and she just exclaimed “aiyo so cute!!! I must give him an ang pow” before proceeding to hand me his very first red packet of this cny period. The power of cute must not be underestimated.


I wonder if I ever got aps purely on this basis haha! I also wonder how its gonna be like bringing him back to batu pahat this year for the first time and with a no-cot situation in the budget hotel we will be staying in for a night, will we just wing it & try to let him sleep between us, which we hv not done since he was 2 months old or lug all our baby logistics with us? Ahhh..decisions.


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