Leaders’ Retreat

Trudged off to leaders’ retreat on Thursday with slight reluctance because I wasnt 100% recovered, I was still tired out and the hubbs couldnt make it at the last min cause his boss cancelled his leave. Plus, I knew it was gonna be a very intense retreat. Nonetheless, once I set my mind on something, I will give my all and I was determined to make the best of it with the leaders who had committed to go. Esp since I had chosen not to bring Ethan along.

I think all in all, I had a fruitful time getting to know our 3 CGLs better, to hear their heart & to know their strengths and I feel so privileged to be serving alongside ppl who care so much for their sheep. The top strength for Chosen Gen is Harmony and unity is definitely a value we uphold. I also feel super blessed to be cared for by leaders of other tribes who readily offered me a lift to JB and back home when I suddenly had no ride/hubbs…& even to be loved by Ethan’s little playmates at the retreat when I was missing him. Since I have never been known to be a child magnet, I was surprised that one of them would actually look out for me, come over to hold my hand and start playing with me. Maybe I now have some kind of boy’s mummy vibe.

Lou and I also got VIP lounge access cause we got our rooms late. Truly favour in the midst of a very packed schedule!


Crazy guotie party with RP & Chosen Gen!





When I finally got home, Ethan immediately sat up with the cutest brightest grin and started clapping passionately before crawling to me and hugging me. Heart melt moment.

I didnt capture that then but this comes close




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