Happy Tuesday

Ethan had his first ever playdate with H & SJ on Tues; E & H played as SJ lay snug in her mama’s arms. It was a good time for the mamas to just catch up as the littles played masak masak and ran around us. I tried to take a shot of the 2 kiddos in one frame but both walked and crawled too fast. There was one super cute moment when H tried to put on the bib for E just before lunch and he cooperatively sat there in anticipation. Oh, pls dont grow up too fast.



Really appreciate these dear friends and my SAHM tuesdays!

After they went home, E had an epic nap from 1.30pm to 4.30pm so I too could take a luxurious nap. Playing must be such hard work.

This is him begging to be let onto my bed after he woke up hehe


And showing me his award-winning kissy face hahah


I love this boy. The super fun day concluded with a hot date with this boy’s papa at Brussel Sprouts where we downed two pots of delicious mussels followed by a foot massage and then some late night NTUC shopping.


Absolutely blissed (:


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